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We are located at the corner of Bahia Vista Street and East Avenue South

The street address is 1219 East Ave S #105, Sarasota, FL 34239

Map to Eye Care Associates of Sarasota

You can reach us by telephone at 941-957-4216 or the fax at 941-954-1835

We are a busy, solo practice offering the highest quality eye care. We believe it is important that every patient leaves our office well informed about any problems they have and feeling that we genuinely care about them. We are concerned primarily with the health of your eyes, we do not sell cosmetic procedures, facials, creams or lotions.  We do carry Cliradex for our patients who need tea tree oil preparations.

What to expect on your first visit:

You will be asked to complete a demographics form with your basic information, a complete medical history including all medications you are presently taking and surgeries you have had in the past as well as a privacy protection notice. You can use our new on-line site "My OnLine Clinic" to enter this information or you may print those forms from the next page so they can be completed and returned. If you are unable to to print from here, let us know and we will mail them to you. It saves time on the day of your appointment if we have these forms ahead of time. You can mail them to our regular address or they can be faxed to 941-954-1835.  Please remember to bring your glasses, and insurance cards with you , if your insurance requires authorization for your visit, you are responsible for acquiring the authorization before you arrive for your appointment.

One of our certified ophthalmic assistants will then input your medical information into our electronic medical records and begin your exam. The assistant will check your visual acuity, perform a refraction, check your ocular muscles, visual field and pupil reaction. Then she will check your intraocular pressure and dilate your eyes.
Dr. Schwartz will see you once your eyes are dilated and complete your full exam, explain his findings and recommendations and answer any questions you have.

Please allow about an hour and a half for your exam. Most patients drive OK after dilation but you will need some sunglasses-we can provide a disposable pair for you if you don't have them. Your near vision will be very blurry for a few hours after your dilation. Some patients will prefer to have someone else drive them home.