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Here we will list as many helpful websites as we can find-we do not specifically endorse any of these sites but have heard from patients that many of them are very helpful.

http://geteyesmart.org<< This is the link to the American Academy of Ophthalmology it has a patient area with information on almost every eye topic.

http://www.dryeyezone.com <<< Support group and forum for those suffering from Dry Eyes

***We often find our patients with dry eyes using bottled tears daily. The preservatives in these bottled drops can make your dry eyes worse --try using only Preservative free tears instead--this one small change can help immensely!!  

http://www.kcsupport.org <<< Support group and forum for patients with Keratoconus

http://www.osref.org <<< Information and videos on Ocular surface disease and treatments

http://www.cornealdystrophyfoundation.org <<<<Information and support group for patients with Fuch's Dystrophy

http://drthomasschwartz.eyepromise.com/  <<<<Information and Ordering site for EyePromise ocular supplements.